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The raves keep coming for VMSD as more and more store designers and visual merchandisers rely on the magazine for inspiration and guidance. To understand the true passion readers feel for the publication, check out some of the letters they have written to us. Ready to feel some of that love yourself? Start your ad program in VMSD today.

“I love getting inspirations from everywhere. VMSD is a key place for me to tap into for cutting edge information, trends and news. And what makes it even more special is the team behind it – the most humble and creative of all”  — Giovanni Zaccariello, SVP, Coach
“I’ve relied on VMSD as a source of retail inspiration throughout my entire career. I love the depth, focus and expertise that comes across in every issue and, of course, the International Retail Design Conference is the one industry event that I never miss!“ — Steven Derwoed, VP Global Design + Construction, The Wendy’s Co.
“I read VMSD for the inspiration and to see the exciting creativity with various window and in-store concepts across the visual merchandising industry. Although London is a superb city for retail, it’s great to see what stores in the U.S. and around the globe are doing in terms of keeping up with trends showcasing the latest design with the energy on pushing the boundary of design and visual merchandising.” — Iain Kimmins, Founder, Creative Download
“With travel becoming increasingly difficult, VMSD magazine has been an excellent resource to help stay abreast on the latest global design trends and retail environments. I’ve always found it to be an invaluable resource for finding various suppliers and manufacturers as well!" — Amanda Sarver, Senior Interior Designer, Kroger
“VMSD continues to inspire with the latest industry insights on global retail store design and visual merchandising – always relevant and engaging content. If only we could receive the physical magazines up here in Canada!” — Mardi Najafi
“VMSD is the source for what is new, what the industry is thinking about, and the leading source for information for our industry. Whether it is inspiring us to think about what is next, a trusted source for resources and solutions, or just catching up on the ‘big personalities’ that we know (and love!), VMSD is where the industry looks first.” — Ken Nisch, Chairman, JGA
“VMSD is the GO TO for inspiration and trends… The must have tool for designers going down the road to success.” — Harry Steen, Creative Director, UNFI
"VMSD consistently delivers comprehensive store design and visual merchandising updates and news across several categories of retailers and not just niche- hence giving the most inclusive insights for experts and novice alike." — Samar Younes, Founder, Samaritual Consultancy and Creative Strategy Advisor, Showfields
“I started reading it in 1973 and have enjoyed every copy, every year, since!” — Linda Cahan, Cahan & Co.
“VMSD [speaks] directly to VM people. No other magazine did that back in the ’70s and ’80s. They covered the stories that MEANT something to us all. And because our team only went to New York visual markets, and spent the remainder of the year remodeling and opening new stores, VMSD kept us ‘in the loop.’ “ — Richard Brunning, Brunning VM
“From concept to design to implementation, you can view the supply chain process in your mind. This has always been a favorite aspect of this publication (for me) as it creates new ideas, thoughts and visions. “ — Rick Harbaugh, The Retail Nomad
VMSD's commitment to the retail industry is second to none! I have been and always will be your biggest fan! Thank you for all the VM news you've given us! — Richard Brunning, Brunning VM, Lilburn, GA

Loved the Look Book. Great resource for retail contacts and showcasing services. — Emily Shirey, ZenGenius Inc., Columbus, OH

I appreciate the organization of the Look Book. It is a great resource when looking for new vendors. It is also a great destination for retail inspiration. — Aaron Olsen, Nordstrom, Seattle, WA

Keep up the stellar work... we can't lose our industry trade publications - you provide a soul connection for many. — Tony Camilletti, Camilletti Creative Consulting, Washington, MI

I may be biased, but VMSD is my favorite media partner in the retail design community. Besides having a stellar team that shares my passion for retail, the magazine my trusted resource for the latest in retail design and visual merchandising. They explore and report on the latest happenings from a local, national and global perspective. Their content contributors often bring an unexpected point of view, making the magazine worthy of a Saturday morning sit-down, complete with a great cup of coffee as I flip through the glossy pages. — Amanda Smith, Amanda M. Smith, Chicago, IL

I am really loving the 'softer / curvier' trends (featured in LookBook, Jan/Feb 2021) - which, in part could be attributed to a response to the recent difficult times. your issue put a nice spotlight on some of the best.” — Juleen Russell, Jencen Architecture, Cleveland, OH

I read VMSD to stay current on trends, new designs and concepts, up and coming retailers and design firms, people and key vendor partners. It is an important resource in a fast paced world. — Joe Nevin, Big Red Rooster, a JLL company, Boston, MA

VMSD is a great source to learn the latest in the store & brand experience world. Besides updating us on projects that are unique, the perspectives and opinion pieces are excellent. It's also a greta platform that recognises design agencies & designers themselves. — Chanda Kumar, FRDC, Bangalore, India

Because we're in Germany [we read VMSD] to be in contact to all other markets. We try to get in contact with the local business heroes in VM and merchandising. — Patrick Schlüter, Dr. Babor GmbH & Co. KG, Achen, Germany

It's great to read and see what VM projects are happening 'across the pond' so to speak. Retail is tough at the moment given the Covid pandemic, so we all have to work together utilizing each other skill sets to ensure that retail bounces back! — Iain Kimmins, Creative Download, Langarth, U.K.

[I read VMSD] for inspiration from recent projects and to better understand the thinking across the design industry. — Kate Nightingale, Style Psychology, London, U.K.

I read and follow VMSD to keep the pulse of the industry at my fingertips! — Hodie Clark, HLC - Creative Group, New York

I have subscribed to VMSD for years to keep up on the latest retail trends and to see store designs from our competitors. Our firm is published frequently as well. It's a great resource for new materials, finishes & fixture vendors and contacts for these items. — Billy Plummer, CallisonRTKL, Dallas

VMSD is the best resource I have found to keep me exposed to industry news, new products and the newest hottest spaces. What I especially love is that it is not limited in its focus, from window displays, popup stores, temporary installations to flagship stores, VMSD tells me what is happening in our world, our industries. It always serves as a point of inspiration, leaving me hungry for my next project after each issue. — Chris Silverman, Gilbert, Melville, NY

I read VMSD for insights and industry trends. — Denise Carfagno, AAA Club Alliance, Wilmington, DE

VMSD is our go-to resource for all the best news, trends, and expertise in the retail design industry. — Megan Whitman, BRR Architecture, Overland, KS

I read VMSD for inspiration and to stay up to date on the latest trends, new store designs, vendors and competitors. — Jeremy Erickson, EricksonDesignStudio, Corona, CA

I can't get enough of the creative energy and insights from the brightest people in the retail world. — Juleen Russell, Jencen Architecture, Cleveland, OH

I always want to be up on current retail environments, trends, and inspirational retailers that are having fun while doing it well. — Daina Tainter, Duluth Trading Company, Mt. Horeb, WI

I like to read VMSD magazine because it gives me specific insights into trends and topics that are popular in the retail and visual merchandising sectors. Often the articles are in sync with my research and design work, so they complement my efforts. — Karen Herman, Gustie Creative, Boca Raton, FL

VMSD provides insight and connection across all the facets of our industry from retail to hospitality. The magazine inspires, and informs. There is value in seeing what other designers are doing and discover what we can learn from each other. VMSD furthers all of our businesses as we all work to create engaging, memorable and meaningful spaces for the world. — Chris Weigand, Neon Carrot, Peninsula, OH

A few years ago, I contributed to VMSD with quarterly articles on relevant retail trends. I frequently look at VMSD as a current resource for retail industry news, shifts and a source for industry thought leadership. I'd love to contribute again as there are so many exciting retail and consumer behavior trends that I'd love to discuss and share. — Meagan Mobley, Kenneth Park Architects, New York

I read VMSD to keep in touch with new creative design trends and thinking within our industry. — Chuck Luckenbill, Luckenbill Retail Solutions, Barnes, WI

Though there are many other publications focused on the retail design industry, VMSD consistently delivers thoughtful, timely content you can't find anywhere else. While everyone else is beating the same topics to death, VMSD is looking ahead. — Juliana Strieff, Panera Bread, St. Louis, MO

VMSD has been my "go-to" visual and store design magazine since I started in the industry 35 years ago. While many of the companies I've worked for are no longer, and there has been a seismic shift in the industry, the magazine still serves as a touchpoint of the very best and most interesting industry standards available. It also keeps me connected to the industry professionals that continue to drive the change necessary to take retail to the future. — Ron Brunette, Kilwins Chocolates Franchise Inc., Petoskey, MI

While the customer experience industry is in a ricocheting pivot state across all channels, the need for immersive retail theater is now greater than ever. For me, VMSD has showcased the bright stars and best practices of this community. It inspires me to keep evolving as a designer. — Jason Salas, Salas Design & Illustration, Elmwood Park, IL

VMSD has been a terrific influence on retail and restaurant design for many years – the IRDC show is a premier event for designers and innovators of all stripes. In this day and age, learning and sharing ideas with peers on how to affect customer experience is a major competitive advantage. — Lee Peterson, WD Partners, Dublin, OH

We read VMSD every month to keep abreast of what is going on in the retail world and what are the latest trends being used to promote different brands marketing strategies. — Kevin O'Connor, Enhance a Colour, Danbury, CT

VMSD is the final authority on the current state of the retail design industry: business developments, merchandising and formatting trends, design innovation, who's doing what and who's working where. The publication has a deep, rich history in supporting the retail design community and maintains the pulse on the continuance of the profession. It's a must read... if you're stranded on an island, better hope you have VMSD. — Tony Camilletti, Camilletti Creative Consulting, Washington, MI

I'm an avid reader of VMSD – best place to hear about cutting edge retail store design. Also, as a Consultant, its a great place for me to share my perspective and hear perspectives from my peers. — Declan McCormack, BHDP Architecture, Cincinnati, Ohio

VMSD magazine keeps me up-to-date on all the latest global retail store design and merchandising trends and opinions. — David Milne, Director of Global Shop Design, Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corp.

VMSD has been a key resource for inspiration and what is new in retail design and brands. —Mindi Trank, VP, Strategy, Chute Gerdeman