Video Media Kits May Be a Business Media First

This year, the team at SmartWork Media took a creative approach to our annual media kits. Instead of designing the kits for print only—which we’ve done for many, many years—we produced what could be the world’s first video media kits. Using a top-notch production company, these videos also feature Wirewax frames, allowing users to click directly on the video to download a print media kit PDF. With their original creative, a Second City Comedy troupe actress as our narrator and some very adorable props (dogs always steal the show), we’re quite proud of the results.


With more awards than we can count, this monthly magazine for the jewelry industry has been guiding U.S. jewelers in the fine art of retailing for over a dozen years. We fit a lot of information into the video—using props, cover art and a steady stream of those hard-won awards to tell our story. You can read the fine print in the PDF, but as you can see, we accomplished making the INSTORE pitch in less than five minutes flat!


INVISION is a relative newcomer to the eyewear business but as our “Reader Raves” will tell you, our subscribers are smitten. With a unique editorial point-of-view and fresh, fashionable graphics, INVISION goes where competitive eyewear journals fear to tread. Our video makes a strong case for the value of our readership preferences, a growing circulation and a strong online presence.


PETS+ is SmartWork Media’s newest publication for an industry that, according to the American Pet Product Association, will reach $70 billion in sales in 2017. That’s a lot of dog biscuits. Nonetheless, we knew we had to build excitement for a magazine that’s all about helping independent store owners get a piece of that pie. The video tells just about everything a potential advertiser needs to know about what makes PETS+ so special and why it’s worth their while to advertise with us.