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INVISION's Biggest Fans Are Also Its Greatest Resource

Our 800 Brain Squad members are making a difference in eyecare.

One of the key reasons that INVISION has been able to quickly and consistently identify the most pressing needs and concerns of American eyecare professionals is our very own Brain Squad — a unique group of more than 800 eyecare business owners and managers whose responses to our monthly surveys help provide an unrivaled look into what’s happening in locations around the country.

INVISION's Brain Squad was launched concurrently with the first edition of the publication in January 2014, and currently stands at more than 800 members. The average monthly survey attracts about 100 responses.

INVISION's Brain Squad was launched in January 2014, and now stands at more than 800 members.

Each month, Brain Squad members are asked about the overall performance of their business, what products are selling well, and up to a dozen more questions that could focus on anything from how they deal with vendors’ phone calls to how they are preparing for an upcoming season or event.

This frontline surveillance has allowed us to be among the first in the industry to identify product trends.

Our survey software also allows us to slice and dice the data to determine, for example, how smaller businesses are faring, to what extent online eyewear retailers and remote eye-testing applications are affecting eyecare pros. It’s an incredible data set.

Brain Squad members — who get access to much of the raw data — tell us the surveys help them in many ways as well. That’s particularly gratifying for us, given the frequency with which we tap their knowledge.