Submissions for Editorial Consideration

Here’s information on submitting information about your product or service for free publicity in the pages of INSTORE. 

INSTORE magazine has a subscription base of 22,000 jewelry stores. Editorial coverage is free. All submissions are considered but final selection is based on appropriateness for the story as well as visual value.

E-mail all questions and submissions to the attention of Trace Shelton for INSTORE at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please follow these formatting guidelines regarding our technical needs to be considered.

 Up to five high-resolution product images

 All images must be on a white background and minimum size of 4” wide x 6” tall at 350dpi resolution

Products should be photographed alone, NO group shots or prop shots

 File name of every image should include the brand name 

Accompanying the images should have the following caption information:

 Short description of product — the collection name, materials, carat weight and/or any interesting elements about the piece

 Suggested retail price

Company name as you want it to appear in print. We do not presume that the name of the collection or line is how you want to be known. Please tell us.

Phone number for wholesale sales and website. Also, your address (which is NOT published).

For large files please compress and send in a folder by Hightail or Dropbox or a similar program. We are unable to “preview” low-resolution images. You are responsible for sending recent styles you’d like to promote.

2017 INSTORE Editorial Calendar

* This calendar is subject to change. Please check this page for updates.

January / Nov. 8, 2016 / Yellow Gold, Mother’s Day Gifts 
February / Dec. 6, 2016 / Colored Stones, Graduation Gifts
March / Jan. 10, 2017 / Fashion Jewelry, Father’s Day Gifts
April / Feb. 7, 2017 / Silver Jewelry, Baby Gifts
May / March 6, 2017 / Earrings, Corporate Gifts
June / April 10, 2017 / Watches
July / May 8, 2017 / Necklaces
August / June 12, 2017 / Pearls
September / July 10, 2017 / Bridal Jewelry, Wedding Gifts
October / Aug. 7, 2017 / Bracelets
November / Sept. 11, 2017 / Rings, Valentine’s Day Gifts
December / Oct. 9, 2017 / Men’s Jewelry

We require all images in first week of the month 2 months prior to the issue date — for example, in August for the October issue.

Submissions for Cover Consideration

We are always interested in receiving submissions for magazine covers or InFront covers (which appear in INSTORE at the beginning of the product section). Please note that the cover is chosen to represent the main category of the issue wherever possible although options are also kept for future consideration.

INSTORE cover photo specs:

It’s not so much the technical specifications as it is the feel of the shot, so here are more guidelines that actual specifications:

Minimum size: 350 dpi, 9” wide x 12” tall inches

 Image should not be cropped — we need space around the model for our cover text, and ideally we’ll be able to work with text on either side of her

 Photo can be head-and-shoulders shot or 3/4 body shot

 Plain white background gives us the most flexibility, but not an absolute requirement

 Model should be looking directly into the lens (This one’s mandatory!)

Model should not be leaning or sitting on anything that would have to be included in the final image

Model should be in a natural pose

Model shouldn’t be too stylized or have too much makeup — we generally don’t go for the high-fashion “W” magazine type of look; we’re looking for a natural look, expression and pose. 

Model must be wearing the jewelry when photographed; jewelry must not be Photoshopped on afterward

Can’t show too much cleavage

Basically, we’re looking for pretty simple, friendly, natural looks where the model is looking right at readers, and the jewelry — not the model — is the focal point. 

Have any other questions? Contact Trace Shelton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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